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HEBS is a student-led community of driven individuals with a shared interest in the art of business. Membership to the society is open to all students, course-takers, fellows, researchers and other affiliates of Harvard University. All members are encouraged to attend our events and to be actively involved in the planning of those events.

Expectations & Benefits for Members...

As a member, you’ll have access to early registration to all of our (often sold out) events.

Members enjoy reduced admission charges (often to free or donation-based) for all events. Events may include conferences, seminars, networking events, etc.

Membership allows you access to the important and enriching experience of involving yourself in the club's affairs. In addition to holding elections for senior offices, General Assembly meetings allow members to remain current on the club's plans/future events and presents opportunities for active collaboration and networking. Assembly meetings typically occur once every two months, and is held in a lecture hall on campus at Harvard University (exact room announced as scheduled). Distance members are encouraged to participate in these meetings via live-stream conference.

As a chartered and designated student society at Harvard University, the club enjoys access to many of Harvard's resources, facilities and funding. The club's mission is to enrich the lives of its members, and foster an intellectual environment in which like-minded individuals can come together and engage. The resources granted to the club are used by the members to further the club's mission and create a fun, goal-driven environment to benefit our members and the broader Harvard community.

The Harvard Extension Business Society encourages membership and an environment in which individuals can pursue interests without being inhibited by financial costs. When dues or costs for events are required, the society first approaches funding from the university and aims to charge a minimal amount (if any at all) for participation. It is the tradition of the society to vote yearly on whether to charge membership dues for the following school year. For the 2016-2017 school year, the society charges no dues for its members.

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